These Services are Free to all Veterans

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View the Video on Facebook.  Veteran had not worked in six years and Veteran Entitlement assisted him.

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These services is free to All Veterans

· Help Vets find out what are their entitlements are from Veteran Administration.

· Help Vets decide what claims do they qualify for.

· What are they entitled to after a honorable discharge.

· How ratings are totalled, Veteran Admin (VA) Math,

· How to put together a Claim

· What is and how it works, and registering  on line.

· Importance of keeping up with your health

· Importance of registering with the VA

· Educate as many Veterans as possible

· Share the many organization that can help Vets file claims

· Build a strong Veteran network in your area

· Job Placement and Resume writing

· Leave No Veteran behind if they are helping themselves

- Burial Info and what VA offers

Call a first to fight Marine to buy a home

Ronnie Monroe 

Ameriteam Realtor



Daimen Fleming
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